flexible narrative

One consistent narrative, but with different intonations, emphases, and details designed to resonate with each specific audience. We extrapolate your story across all mediums, digital and physical.

Hirsch Leatherwood serves a wide range of industries, including technology, media, finance, healthcare, sports & entertainment, transportation, and real estate.


At a high-stakes inflection point, L1 blockchain Aptos tapped HL to navigate a uniquely fast-moving and reactive media landscape. Our thought leadership strategy grounded in speaking engagements, podcasts, and op-eds positioned Aptos and its executives as cool-headed pioneers of future digital experience.

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New York Mets

As a bold new owner and first-ever Chief Communications Officer joined the New York Mets, HL was asked to protect and build the Mets brand on a local, national, and global scale. From developing updated brand strategies to amplifying tentpole campaigns, averting and navigating reputational threats, we helped transform the way the Mets communicated their story on and off the field.

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To position Optimizely as a leader in the martech SaaS space, HL implemented a robust communications strategy inclusive of multimedia content creation and PR. Together, we helped shape Optimizely’s corporate narrative, provided content for the company’s blog, secured a series of op-eds in premium business publications, and supported event content for their customer conference, Opticon.

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HL collaborated with the global leader in sports streaming to produce two industry-defining reports showcasing the company’s commitment to social impact. In partnership with the Female Quotient, DAZN and HL published “The Coverage Gap,” which highlighted necessary actions to bridge visibility gaps in women’s sports, as well as a Social Impact Report that encapsulated DAZN’s ESG-related initiatives, generating widespread awareness and recognition.

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