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Out of Scope

"This Is Your Captain Speaking"

Plus: Stanley Cups and Magic: The Gathering

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Happy Friday! This week, we explore the ongoing communications crisis unfolding at Boeing. But first…


  • In the dynamic world of reusable water bottles, the Stanley has transformed from a functional vessel to a status symbol. The commotion around the brand’s latest releases and collaborations raises questions about their intersection with consumer culture, trends, and overconsumption. Will the craze over the it-accessory last much longer?

  • The term 'ESG,' meant to infuse social impact into business decisions, and the label 'Plant-Based,' seemingly intended to signal a product's 'healthiness,' have both faced growing criticism in recent months. There's a desire for less fraught descriptors, such as swapping 'ESG' for 'responsible business' or simply naming the actual plant in the product.

  • Fitness-tracking apps like Strava are starting to turn daily exercise into the Olympics. While many users find motivation and community through the app, the pressure to outdo others is proving to lead to self-surveillance and concerns around privacy and mental health. 

💡ON OUR MINDS: Words That Land

  • A dramatic incident unfolded last weekend when a blown-out door plug on an Alaska Airlines flight necessitated an emergency landing, causing significant interior damage to the Boeing 737-9 Max. Boeing, already under scrutiny for existing manufacturing issues, has faced heightened criticism this week in the wake of the incident. 

  • CEO David Calhoun responded by canceling company events and holding a company-wide meeting, emphasizing the values of transparency and safety. To the press, he publicly acknowledged a mistake, terming it a 'quality escape.'

  • Government agencies swiftly responded. The FAA grounded 171 planes for inspection and urged Boeing to respond within ten business days to identify the root cause.

  • Facing criticism about the effectiveness of U.S. aviation regulations, Boeing and the FAA seem to be publicly united in their commitment to emphasizing transparent communication going forward.

  • That said, this is a perfect representation of the value of clear communication in a corporate crisis response and the importance of transparency when the company’s captain is speaking.


In case you missed these reads.

  • The fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering issued an apology for using an AI-generated image in their marketing materials (after claiming they hadn’t). Check your vendors’ work!
  • After 27 years, Nike and Tiger Woods are parting ways.
  • Imax had a billion-dollar 2023 thanks to Christopher Nolan and Oppenheimer.

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