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Gen Z Hinges Their Bets on Love

Plus: Congressional quitters and TIME's Person of the Year

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Happy Friday! This week, we examined the Gen-Z-driven decline of dating apps. But first…


  • Congressional representatives are throwing in the towel. Scorned former House leader Kevin McCarthy announced his intentions to quit last week, adding to more than 30 representatives leaving the government branch. Because, well, according to them: working in Congress sucks.

  • Despite growing industry efficiency, Bitcoin mining used 591 billion gallons of water last year, more than all of New York City. This usage, primarily for cooling computer servers and powering air conditioning in mining operations, adds to the growing list of reputational challenges facing the storied cryptocurrency.

  • Are gift guide roundups still relevant in 2023? In a recent article, The Atlantic challenges most guides’ traditional approach, often relying heavily on gender and family-role stereotypes. Ultimately, the author advocates for genuine communication between givers and recipients or the practical use of Visa gift cards and cash as a means to bridge the gap between expectations and reality in holiday gift-giving.

💡ON OUR MINDS: Gen-Z Hinges Their Bets on Love

  • This week, Hinge, “the dating app designed to be deleted,” announced a $1 million fund to help Gen Z build community in person. While it may seem counterintuitive for a digital platform, it’s a savvy brand move amid a turbulent time for the industry. 

  • The announcement comes as Gen Z is increasingly leaving dating apps behind. A recent study found that 79% of Gen Z no longer actively use the apps at all.

  • What gives? Gen Z and researchers chalk it up to swiping fatigue, algorithms wrecking self-esteem, expensive subscriptions, and a desire to connect in person.

  • The industry is struggling to overcome Gen Z’s perceptions that the apps just aren’t conducive to finding a long-term relationship. Increasingly, Gen Z is turning to more innocuous platforms to help find connections over shared interests. Big runners? Strava. Cinema connoisseurs? Letterboxd. Voracious learners? Duolingo. 

  • As Gen Z’s dating habits and app preferences continue to evolve, brands and platforms willing to evolve with them are most likely to rise to the top of their feeds – and maybe help them find love along the way.


In case you missed these reads.

  • Rizz” joins the end-of-year entries for 2023’s Word of the Year.

  • Britain’s science secretary announced a PR push to revive the UK’s involvement in the EU’s Horizon science program. 

  • Taylor Swift was named TIMES Person of the Year, a landmark recognition after a landmark year— not much to say beyond that.

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