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Coachella Peaks and Valleys

Plus: Netflix enters its live sports era and Apple EVs in park

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Happy Friday! This week, we examine the hard times falling on the storied music festival known as Coachella. But first…


  • The Times shared a roundup of physical menus from across the country this week, highlighting a shift in both food and design. Recently, menus decorated with personal touches—mascots and personal handwriting—are dominating nationwide with dishes like Caesar salads, yuzu, and nostalgic desserts. Welcome back, bread pudding.

  • So, we aren’t living in a ‘Barbie World?’ The Oscar snubs of Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie have become a major talking point in Hollywood. After being the box office sensation of 2023 (and nabbing eight other award nominations), the absence of Barbie’s leading ladies in their respective categories has sparked debate among fans and journalists.

  • Netflix's $5 billion move to stream WWE's "Raw" catapults the brand into the world of live sports and redefines its identity. Bolstered by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's partnership with WWE's parent company TKO, this move marks a new era for the streamer. Netflix taking viewers to the mat also reinforces its status as an entertainment powerhouse following its stunning fourth quarter last year.

💡ON OUR MINDS: Coachella Peaks and Valleys

  • On January 19th, tickets for 2024’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival officially went on sale. One week later, passes are still available, marking the festival’s slowest sales in a decade.

  • For context, securing a Coachella ticket in years past was considered a feat. In 2015, passes were nabbed in just forty minutes. As recently as 2022, the entire festival was sold out in a matter of four hours. Which begs the question—what’s behind the sudden slowdown?

  • Some fans are citing the past year’s economic downturn and Coachella’s notoriously high ticket prices as the culprit. Others seem underwhelmed by the lineup, saying that despite notable followings of headliners like Doja Cat and Tyler the Creator, the artists have toured too recently to generate the necessary hype.

  • It’s also noteworthy that Coachella’s website seems to be allowing fans to purchase up to eight tickets rather than the standard two per head—a move that some have interpreted as a blatant show of desperation.

  • The lull marks an interesting new chapter for a brand that has historically drawn not only thousands of clambering fans but A-list celebrities, luxury brand activations, and nearly every influencer worth their salt. Long-term effects on Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram TBD.


In case you missed these reads.

  • Moody's Analytics uncovers 21 million red flags in shell companies, focusing on implausibly-aged directors and the UK's role in potential financial crimes.

  • In the aftermath of the Adobe deal falling through, Figma is now extending shares and buyout opportunities to its workforce.

  • Apple pumps the brakes on its ambitious EV release, delaying the launch to 2028 and removing more of the car’s autonomous features.

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